Journal. We're here for it.

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So, as it turns out, we LOVE sharing our behind-the-scenes with you and have decided that it’s high time we started a blog! Or, as we’re calling it, our journal because we’re excited to share a little bit of anything & everything that’s happening in our world with YOU on a more personal level!


We are more than a little stoked to share our travels! Things like an in-depth look at both our styled shoot to Marrakech, Morocco, AND our #realwedding in the magical Telluride, Colorado with with our dear friend and dreamy photog, Sophie Epton. This year, we’ll be adding to the list projects in the West Texas desert, the French countryside, and the coast of AUSTRALIA (looking at you Honey Gem Creative), to name a few! We can’t wait to get these projects off the ground (literally....our flights are booked!) and to bring you with us every step of the way.


And while we are obsessed with travel, we LOVE sharing our weddings and editorial shoots in our home-base of Austin, Texas! Stay tuned for some serious wedding day BTS with our staff (like have you ever seen a UHAUL stacked with flowers to the ceiling with tetris-level precision? Because you’re about to!), time-lapse videos of our on-site installations, and design informationals from the studio, just to name a few.


We’re also super passionate about the education piece of the journal. We’ll be sharing step-by-step tutorials for your personal at-home floral arranging, photos from our workshops, internship opportunities, and more! At R+G we love to engage with our incredible clients and community so we seriously can’t wait to fire up the journal and hear your thoughts!